One day at school

A typical journey


Arrival of children

Upon arrival, children are invited to change clothes and shoes. First with help of the teachers and later on by themselves. Giving enough time and space for children to increase their independance is a core value at LMMP.


Working cycle

Starting at 9:00, the uninterrupted working cycle is the time when children are either presented by one teacher a new activity or are free to take by themselves one they already know. Children may also take the time to observe an older child working on a more complex task or take the time to help a friend.


Working cycle bis

LMMP classrooms include various working areas from which to pick and choose material and build up intellectual, sensorial, creative, emotional, and motricity skills. Children can choose to work on their own or in small groups, on a mat on the floor or on a table.


Food preparation

Food preparation activities allow children to increase their working memory (which steps to do in which order) and fine motricity before engaging their social skills sharing the food they made with others. It also complements the self serving healthy snacks for mid-morning hungry students.



Free games are very important for children to put into practice their social skills and assume different roles with their friends. Playing outside also allows them to strengthen their large motricity skills and balance. More structured activites are also often organized by teachers : dancing, yoga, basket ball...


Circle time

Circle time is the perfect time to gather around one teacher who will only be using her mother tongue to teach songs, read stories, explain school rules or discuss with children a specific subject. It is also a great time for parents intervention to present their work, passion, place of origin...



Lunch is delivered daily by a fully licensed lunch service company. Western and Chinese cuisine alternate with always a stapple food, one vegetarian dish, one meat dish, a soup and some fruits. Children are encouraged to try everything before getting more of what they want.


Taking care of oneself

Taking care of oneself and personal hygiene are two very important subjects daily taught to children. Some circle times will also be dedicated to invited medical professionals (dentist, nurse, physiotherapist...) to illustrate the importance of staying healthy


Quiet time

After lunch, and once teeth brushed, children are invited to browse books, read and listen to stories. Younger children will calm themselves before going to nap while older ones will rest before going back to work.


(A) Naptime

Nap time is essential for children below 4,5yo. Not only it is rejuvenating for the child, but sleep has been proven to help build up memory and better learning of the notions seen the same morning.


(B) Older children second working cycle

5 yo children who are not napping anymore have a second working cycle. As the group is smaller, this a great opportunity for teachers to guide them to more academic work such as math, writing, making sure all children going to primary school the next year mastered all the requisite notions.



Just as during the arrival, we promote independence by letting children enough time to prepare themselves, change shoes, clothes and have a harmonious transition from school to home.


Extra-curricular activities

For children above 4 yo, LMMP provides extra curricular activities such as English, Music, Art, Science... Activities are selected by parents, groups are of 8 children or less, taught during 1h either by LMMP teachers or other specialized educators.


Parents Workshops

During the year, many workshops are organized for parents. Ranging from first aid training to non violent communication, the Montessori environment, nutrition, sleep...