About us

In short

La Maison Montessori de Pékin was created in 2013 as the first bilingual Chinese French kindergarten in Beijing following the Montessori education principles. Since 2022, the school also offers a bilingual Chinese English curriculum to meet the growing demand for a child focused education of English-speaking families.

LMMP aims to create a connected community, cultivate the joy of life-long learning and prepare our children to the future with care and trust.

Our values


We care with love.
We care about everyone in our community. We put the well-being of children at the first place, and make decisions according to their individual and collective needs. We strive to create a safe environment for our children and educators. Our students learn how to integrate and respect safety rules and maintain good hygiene habits while developing their independence. We teach children how to take care of themselves, others and their surrounding environment, from school to home, and in the extension of our planet.


We guide children to be self-motivated and confident learners.
We advocate for every individual in our community,including children, parents, family members and educators to be life-long learners. We cultivate curiosity, learn from adversities, and provide learning and growth opportunities in our community.


We choose to trust and believe in others.
We highly value the trust the community grants us and take it into strong consideration in our communication and decision-making process. We educate our children to trust and know they will be trusted. We help our teachers and students to be their best and give them space to safely experiment and grow.


We cultivate innovation spirit in children to prepare them for their future in an everchanging world.
Based on the needs of children development, we progress with time and always strive to be innovative educators.

Our team

Our team consists of enthusiastic educators from different backgrounds and countries. Our teachers are trained in Montessori pedagogy by training centers of the American Montessori Society (AMS) or the Association Montessori International (AMI).
Being a teacher means having an exciting and demanding job. Through their individual research, group work and debates, they develop their ability to question opinions, beliefs and theories on the one hand, but also develop their ability to evaluate situations and seek for the best solutions in a multi-cultural environment.

Our campus

The building of LMMP Jinxiuyuan Campus has been entirely renovated in 2019 by La Maison Montessori de Pékin co-founder and architect, Lishuwen. The 690 square meter of indoor space accommodate 4 bright and spacious classrooms, 1 piano room, 1 reception area with a coffee corner and a Nurse room. The whole students’ area is covered by air purification and mechanic ventilation system, we follow a strict and precise protocol during pollution days.

Reception area

Entrance lobby to welcome families
Coffee corner and waiting area
Piano room
Staff resting area
Nurse room
Administration offices and teacher’s shared working and printing stations

Students’ area

1 class of 1.5 to 3 years old : Maximum 18 students accompanied by 4 teachers (1 foreign Montessori teacher, 1 Chinese Montessori teacher, 2 teaching assistants)
2 classes of 3 to 6 years old : Each class has maximum 22 students accompanied by 3 teachers (1 foreign Montessori teacher, 1 Chinese Montessori teacher and 1 teaching assistant)
1 indoor activity room : During pollution days, teachers offer gross motor activities and recreation times in the indoor playground.

Equipment and furniture

Following the principles of Montessori pedagogy, each classroom has been entirely designed, equipped and organized around groups of children of mixed age. The furniture and materials are adapted to the needs of the children. Each classroom offers workspaces with tables and floor mats allowing them to focus on their activities. The library corner allows children to have a quiet time.
The cloakrooms of each class are in close proximity in the corridor. There, the children have a personal space to place their belongings.
A glass wall adorned with white dots delineates the space between classrooms and the corridor and provides, luminous transparent and secure classrooms.

Outdoor space : Playgrounds

The playground offers around 200 square meters of playing area.
Under the supervision of their teachers, the children can use different kinds of sport and game equipments to develop gross motor skills and coordination.