About us

In short

La Maison Montessori de Pékin aims to create a connected community, cultivate the joy of life-long learning and prepare our children to the future with care and trust.

La Maison Montessori de Pékin was created in 2013 as the first and still only bilingual French Chinese kindergarten in Beijing following the Montessori education principles.

Our values


Care with love. We care for each individual in our community. We maintain the children’s well being as our highest priority and make decisions according to the children’s needs. With care we pursue a safe environment for our children and educators. We educate children to care for themselves, for others and for the environment around them, from school to home to our whole planet.


Guide children to be self motivated and confident learners. We advocate for every individual in our community,including children, parents, family members and educators to be life-long learners. We cultivate curiosity, learn from adversities, and provide learning and growth opportunities in our community.


We choose to trust and believe in others. We highly value the trust the community grants us and take it into strong consideration in our communication and decision making process. We educate our children to trust and know they will be trusted. We help our teachers and students to be their best and give them space to safely experiment and grow.


We cultivate innovation spirit in children to prepare them for their future in an everchanging world. Based on the needs of children development, we progress with time and always strive to be innovative educators.

Our team

Teachers 3-6 years old

Maria Helena



Teachers 2-3 years old





Our campus

The building of LMMP Dongsishitiao Campus has been entirely renovated in August 2015 by the co founder and architect, Lishuwen. The 330 sqm of indoor space accommodate 2 classrooms on 3 floors.

1st floor:
Infant Community

2 connected rooms and one bathroom for children.

  • Entrance area to welcome families and a cubbies area for the students
  • Kitchen
  • Adult bathroom

2nd floor:
Casa classroom

2 connected rooms and one bathroom for children.

  • Entrance area to welcome families and a cubbies area for the students.
  • Teachers and administration Office + Adults bathroom.

3rd floor:
With its « pilot cabin »

The playground offers 70 sqm of playing area with safety floor.

Each classroom offers working areas with tables and floor mats. The library corner allows children to have a quiet time.The light can enter the rooms through the special doted glass facade, which at the same time cannot be peered through from the outside.

Our building is equiped with air purifier marchines. We use Blue Air machines in the classrooms and Xiaomi in corridors. We follow a strict and precise protocol during pollution days.